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16-03-2013, 03:03 AM
RE: Context!
(11-03-2013 09:56 PM)stardust84 Wrote:  
(11-03-2013 08:11 PM)bbeljefe Wrote:  And I don't mean that your arguments only have a nugget of truth in them... I mean that they might find a nugget of truth they didn't already have. Shy

I've never managed to change a Christian's mind about their religion, but I hope that I've at least planted some seeds of doubt that will sprout later. Smile

This is how debates are won.....the victory occurs long after the debate ended. The actual debate is a pissing match and if you ever think you will convince the other side your in for a lot of disapointment. If you've really won you will see them have an ephany months or years later. You'll never get the credit for it though.
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