Conversations with Theists/Creationists
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16-06-2009, 09:12 PM
Conversations with Theists/Creationists
I'll share one with you I had with a fundamentalist just now on youtube. It is bloody frustrating trying to reason with them. It makes climbing Everest twice look much easier.

Here was the conversation: (Note: you might have to decode the order since youtube's comment system isn't perfect. But I am sure you will get it. And there is some swearing by me, so I hope the forums filters is out.)

Between me, RtFusion and dropfan.


dropfan195 (1 hour ago) Show Hide

"Clear evidence of transformation over millions of years"? Come on please. He was only on that island for 2 weeks and came back with that "THEORY". I would like to see something at the half weight mark,something that is half monkey and half man. And I don't mean that stupid picture they drew of how they wanted it to happen. I mean an actual being. Come on. How can you have a creation without a creator?

RtFusion (1 hour ago) Show Hide

God, on with that theory dribble. A scientific theory is a model based on FACTS that has been verified over and over again.

The Theory of Evolution is based on facts and there is no other model that fits.

vsincariuc (56 minutes ago) Show Hide

Give me ONE proven(keyword) fact of macro evolution. As some may not realize, it's the macro aspect of it that states people evolved from, basically, a rock. Give me ONE fact that proves this. Now, micro evolution would be described well by the numerous dog breeds. No problem there.

RtFusion (49 minutes ago) Show Hide

Jesus christ, not this fucking macro vs micro evolution bullshit. No wonder why humanity hasn't reached the stars yet because we are being held back by stupid creationists/theists like yourself. Holding onto idiotic, superstitious belief systems, like it was your mommy. Cuasing the rest of humanity to be chained to your fossilized thoughts of gods, heavens, and hells.

This is the 21st century, no year one.

Dimantis007 (34 minutes ago) Show Hide

........ahhhh, word. what he said O_O
peacebone2010 (1 hour ago) Show Hide

then who created your "creator"? you honestly think it's logical there's something watching us who's bigger and greater than us? earth and its species were formed from bacteria and kept evolving. that seems a lot more logical than some false god making billions of people out of fucking clay or mud or whatever.

dropfan195 (1 hour ago) Show Hide

Your knowledge is limited with things like these.The creator has always been around, just as time has.Now i ask you who made your bacteria?And why is the sun so perfectly positioned for us to live in this environment?If it were a degree closer, we would burn up, and if it were a degree further we would freeze. And it wasn't mud or clay, I suggest you read that again.Please read and understand the most controversial book in the world before you comment.Thank you.You can find this part in Genesis.

peacebone2010 (56 minutes ago) Show Hide

it's called the big bang theory.
and I'm not going to waste my time reading religious bullshit that people shouldn't be taken literally. maybe you should take a high school science class and learn the non-bias theory that makes the most sense.

dropfan195 (14 minutes ago) Show Hide

Excuse me? The big bang What? Oh wow theory, thats right. Come on. you're commenting one something you no NOTHING about. Especially if you said you're not going to waste you're time with it becausee Ive wasted plenty of time on this theoretical crap.

RtFusion (55 minutes ago) Show Hide

Genesis is meant to be poetic, not literal. To put explain something complex with something even more complex is ridiculous. There is no creator, there is no god. Nothing is fined tuned in this universe.
I'll have to stop reasoning to you because creationists/theists like yourself will cause your brains to liquefy.

Go read some science books, read up on proven scientific theories, all of them have replaced your superstitious for pretty much everything.

I reject your Bible and your gawd.

dropfan195 (20 minutes ago) Show Hide

Oh Ive read many Books on science and i have this guy's book. You need to read up on the fulfillment of bible prophecies. And once again i ask How can you have a perfect creation without a creator?

usernmes (17 minutes ago) Show Hide

perfect?are u saying humans are perfect?cuz we are far from it!u kno how easy it is for us to die or get killed?tooo easy.but wut im sayin iz who created the creator huh?and wut about the creator before that?and that?and that?u see why that doesnt work out?GOSH!!!!

dropfan195 (10 minutes ago) Show Hide

NO i meant the environment is perfect for us to live with. Like Ive said before, where was time before time? When you get that answer, please let me know and ill answer you're question about the creator of everything.

usernmes (3 minutes ago) Show Hide

humans made time duh but i aint gone waste my time given u a lesson why dont u watch sum discovery channel im pretty sure they got sumthin geez

jaggy32 (31 seconds ago) Show Hide

we weren't created that way... we were created perfect.... but things went wrong way back when that got us to this position we are in now... but we weren't created imperfect

RtFusion (9 minutes ago) Show Hide

I will cease my conversation with you because I can't penetrate your creationist ideals. Nothing is created because there is not evidence that supports this claim. Nothing is perfect, they can only be INTERPRETED as such by HUMANS.

Go look around youtube that dissects evolution and why it is true and accepted by the scientific community.

You know what? I'm just wasting my fucking keystrokes on a fucking creationist. I'm just going to stop because people like you can't be reasoned with.

RtFusion (6 minutes ago) Show Hide

In the meantime, I will worship my pink giraffe/unicorn hybrid in my garage. It's ok if you don't believe me, it's just FAITH. And faith is trust without evidence to back up that trust.

Fuck your god and your bible.

dropfan195 (1 minute ago) Show Hide

I don't do youtube when it comes looking for information for these things proving things and talking about these theories. By the way, same to your mother.

RtFusion (1 hour ago) Show Hide

I suggest you go to cdk007's channel who has video covering abiogenesis (which has been confirmed, look it up) and various topics on evolution.

Oh wait you won't because you won't listen to reason. All you have to fall back on is an ignorant, bastard, childlike god who doesn't give a fuck.

safewaysecurity (55 minutes ago) Show Hide

You are so stupid. What if god created through evolution and not through your fairytale bible huh? You don't understand the word "theory". Gravity is only a "theory". It's funny because evolution is a fact and it's evolution by natural selection that is the theory. Go learn basic biology and learn about homo-erectus and Australopithecus- forensis

jaggy32 (47 minutes ago) Show Hide

gravity is a law my man.... its explained thru theory, but its a law..... don't bug out

safewaysecurity (35 minutes ago) Show Hide

ummm... not it's a theory. We don't even know what causes gravity. We know that things with mass have gravity and bend the fabric of space-time to make a gravitational well but... we don't know what causes bodies of mass to have gravity. Some say it's dark energy but nobody knows.

dropfan195 (23 minutes ago) Show Hide

First of all, you know what i mean when i speak of evolution, you should know that I'm speaking of Darwin's Stupid book. I understand that there is some kind of evolution in humans. If God made man, that means he made "man". And once again I'm asking to show me something at the half weight mark of this"THEORY" that a monkey has transformed into a person. If you can't, then that means you're the "stupid" one sir.


this is probably my first true (or second if you count it with the meeting I had with the priest but he didn't come to me as a creationist. So . . . I won't count him. xD) conversation with a creationist. I tried to avoid it, but I couldn't, even though I know I will "lose" since this person would just be ignorant of the facts.

This reminds of one of the inspirational poster where it showed the timeline of Christianity and scientific advancement. In the dark ages, there was a dotted line for the scientific advancement bit that would have continued if it weren't for the dark ages. The solid line for the advancement goes flat and then climbs again.

It's just so frustratingly difficult to converse with these people. But we have to I guess to show how it contaminates education and scientific advancement.

(yes, I am aware that there are theists who work in the scientific field who are very important in contributing their research. Like that guy with mapping the human genome but believes in god.)

How did your conversations go with creationists/theists?

EDIT: yes, I did dissolve back to insults, but that is what I honestly think about these creationists and what I think about religion and invented gods. But I do have fellow friends who are theistic but aren't asshole or oh-so righteous about it and I accept their friendship.
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