Conversations with my daughter RE: Religion
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09-10-2017, 09:43 AM
RE: Conversations with my daughter RE: Religion
(09-10-2017 07:56 AM)Clockwork Wrote:  On the one hand, my heart goes out to her that it affected her so much. When my niece was that young, it hurt me when she had an emotional moment. Can't imagine having to deal with a daughter or son having had that sort of moment. Kudos to you and her mother.

On the other hand, she's 7, so she'll get over it fast. And with that brain of hers, she was probably going to think that way eventually. She's already weighing evidence before she can drive.

You two are doing something right.

It's an awkward place to be in, as my wife does believe in the big G, but won't go out of her way to pray/go to church, it's just a personal thing she has, but has openly said "I'm/we're Christain" to my daughter before. She doesn't like force that on her though, and has overall said the same things as me about it.

As for My daughter herself, she was fine about it within a good 10 minutes, which as you said is down to her age. It did make me laugh a bit as her upset ranting included the line "I just think gods a bit of a myth, like some sort of white blob in the sky" Laugh out load

I got the vibe of "what have you said to her?!" from my wife about all of this. She's not called me out on it, and I stay very middle of the road with my daughter about this sort of thing, whilst emphasizing that it's ok believe or not (and mainly I won't think less of her if she does believe) BUT I do openly tell her that I don't believe, if she ask's me. I try not to go into the "why", as I leave that for her to decide, plus it's a long conversation to have with a 7 year old.

Overall, I was personally happy about it, but I can't really say anything...yet lol. Maybe when she's older. Right now, I just want her to use this way of thinking with everything and move forward.

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