Cooking channel on youtube
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26-12-2012, 03:02 PM
Smile Cooking channel on youtube
Heeeeey everybody

As Santa brought me a tripod for christmas I can finally start my cookingchannel on youtube.
First video is up. basically just me showing the tripod, but I thought it would be a nice starter.

For the beginning I will try to upload two videos a week.
A kitchen beginner guide: Stuff like how to take care of knifes, how to boil an egg, how to get your cutting boards clean properly, things like that. Really basics for absolute newbies.

A recipe: I will show recipes for intermediate people in the kitchen. That is for starters. Depending on what kind of audience I will get, I am going to add or remove sections.

One little goody will be for the deaf audience. I will put subtitles in the videos, so the deaf community can also enjoy my channel. (I am no coda, I only know a few signs but I am very much for including the deaf community more in things that are not community restricted)

Apart from that I want to give my favourite cooking channels on youtube a little shout out:
yoyomax12, robjnixon (niko's kitchen), OnePotChefShow, CrumbBoss

Btw I am taking wishes for videos, so if one of you actually would like to see something specific, please let me know here or via pm or via youtube message. I will do my best to make things come true Smile


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26-12-2012, 03:04 PM
RE: Cooking channel on youtube
I'll watch it later today. = )

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