Cooking with fruit
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04-11-2012, 06:11 AM
RE: Cooking with fruit
Ok, I tried that last night ad liked it. And thought about this thread.

Fruit should taste great in some form in everything to which the food industry adds sugar.

I don't use sugar much in cooking, only in actual sweets and baking and I don't make many of these. Very rarely.

I'm going to experiment with this. Sounds like fun, yesterday's came out really good.

If you ever plant pear trees, make one a Bosc. All varieties have their wonderfulness, but Bosc keep for months and only get sweeter. And they have a crunchy texture. All my pears are long gone, but I still have a lot of Bosc and they will likely last til at least December. These are the hard, longish ones with the tough, brown skin, they don't look like much. But with age they turn into veritable sugar cubes. Yum!

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