Corporations and politics
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27-06-2016, 10:54 PM
RE: Corporations and politics
(26-06-2016 11:25 AM)TrainWreck Wrote:  Yeah, that's the definition of category error - genius.
Where to even start. Well first, you tried this argument against me in the past and it didn't work then either.
1.) Fallacy of Composition:The fallacy of composition arises when one infers that something is true of the whole from the fact that it is true of some part of the whole (or even of every proper part).
I've not claimed that markets are people driven because corporations are, nor that corporations are people driven because the market is. I've said, very clearly to anyone with basic reading comprehension, that corporations are one part of the larger market. That corporations like (not because, LIKE) the market in general is people driven.

2.) A fallacy of division occurs when one reasons logically that something true for the whole must also be true of all or some of its parts.
Again I have never claimed that because markets are people driven therefore it's parts, Corporations, have to be people driven. I've said that corporations, which are part of the market, are people driven in the same way the market as a whole is people driven. Corporations ARE people driven and that's painfully obvious by all the people running and employed by them you chucklefuck.

3.)Category Error: A category .... error, is a semantic or ontological error in which things belonging to a particular category are presented as if they belong to a different category,[1] or, alternatively, a property is ascribed to a thing that could not possibly have that property.

For the first bolded section above: I have not tried to move corporations from any category to another, nor present them in a category they don't belong.
For the second bolded part above: The only property (if you want to call it that) I have ascribed to corporations or markets is that they are largely people driven which is a property that they absolutely have. Demonstrably so.

You tried to claim that I was trying to replace corporations with markets, which I was not. I've been very clear that they are not interchangeable (Hence why I said, you can't replace one with the other), because one is a part of a larger whole. I NEVER said that because one is true for the whole, thus it is for the parts, nor the inverse.
Which you might recognize is NOT the definition of a category error you uneducated twat.

(26-06-2016 11:25 AM)TrainWreck Wrote:  Obviously, not the focus point of a thread about corporations - genius.
Yawn. Corporations are a part of the market so pointing out how they are similar, in this instance being both people driven, is entirely relevant.

You made the, frankly idiotic, claim that the "system of" corporations doesn't discriminate based on race, and I point out that due to markets (of which corporations are a part) being people driven and that people discriminate based on based on all kinds of things including race, so to do corporations.
Such as Here.
And here.
Are you getting the fucking picture?
A simple google search would show how wrong you are, but you're to lazy and stupid.

(26-06-2016 11:25 AM)TrainWreck Wrote:  Yeah, you left out the further description requiring a charter
Which doesn't in anyway that they are composed of and driven by PEOPLE you fucking idiot.

(26-06-2016 11:25 AM)TrainWreck Wrote:  you're a lame debater.
......we have never had a debate. You have just been wrong 100% of the time, without fail, and I've been trying to entertain others while I hammer a fucking education into the vacancy between your ears. A debate requires equals and you are beneath me both intellectually and socially you unwashed hobo.

(26-06-2016 11:25 AM)TrainWreck Wrote:  So, what is your solution to this problem you so cleverly draw our attention to, bitch?
HAHAHAHAH! Oh no you don't you little cunt. You made the claim that corporations can't and don't discriminate cause there are like...laws and stuff. I showed how that's entirely wrong and that it's still prevalent.
You don't get to dodge the fact your wrong and pretend like you won this exchange buy pointing out I offered no solution to the problem of discrimination in corporations as if that's what I was trying to do. Lol you dishonest ass.
I didn't claim to a have a solution, I came here to show you're and idiot and a liar and I did just that.

(26-06-2016 11:25 AM)TrainWreck Wrote:  God controls everything???
Yes, as an atheist that is exactly what I would suggest, because this is opposite land where you are not a fucking idiot. FacepalmRolleyes

(26-06-2016 11:25 AM)TrainWreck Wrote:  I'm starting to think that one of these days, your wife is going to get to suck my dick.
Rolleyes Yes yes yes, I'm sure she would be absolutely fascinated with your micro-penis. Or rather she would if I was married, proving once again that the only people willing to come near your dick are those that are imaginary. Bitch.Drinking Beverage

Kneel mortal before Whiskey I, Lord of Dalmore, Duke of Jameson, Defender of the Sloshed, and God-Emperor of Holy Terra.
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28-06-2016, 10:48 AM
RE: Corporations and politics
Brilliant - you win. Drinking Beverage

Humanism - ontological doctrine that posits that humans define reality
Theism - ontological doctrine that posits a supernatural entity creates and defines reality
Atheism - political doctrine opposed to theist doctrine in public policy
I am right, and you are wrong - I hope you die peacefullyCool
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13-07-2016, 09:52 PM
RE: Corporations and politics
Here's another very recent example of modern fascism in Germany (the press release was published yesterday):

I'm so glad I moved to a different country in time.

(25-06-2016 07:13 AM)Vosur Wrote:  
(25-06-2016 06:41 AM)Deesse23 Wrote:  Please provide examples.
An example of violence from them in Germany:
An example of censorship from them in Germany:

Edit: I'm assuming that you speak German as well, but let me know if you don't so I can give you a couple sources from foreign newspapers instead.

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13-07-2016, 09:55 PM
RE: Corporations and politics
(28-06-2016 10:48 AM)TrainWreck Wrote:  Brilliant - you win. Drinking Beverage

None of us are you, so the winning is both innate and constant.

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