Cosmological musings
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24-09-2015, 10:33 AM
RE: Cosmological musings
(24-09-2015 08:59 AM)cjlr Wrote:  
(24-09-2015 08:45 AM)Octapulse Wrote:  Then would it be reasonable to conclude that any photons coming toward us will appear to be traveling faster because celestial matter is moving in the opposite direction (think of two cars passing each other in opposite directions)?

They're moving with the underlying metric. The speed of light is constant for all observers. That's what defines the visible horizon of the universe.

Those are the kind of thought experiments used to demonstrate the precepts of relativity.
(except traditionally it's trains, because 1920s)

(24-09-2015 08:45 AM)Octapulse Wrote:  The expansion of the universe shouldn't make it more difficult for light from another universe to reach us. If we could pause the photons from the other universe will still allowing our universe to expand, the distance from the photon to our location would not change at all.

I'm not clear, from reading the thread, just what you mean by "universe".

Let me try to illustrate how I view the universe;

Consider the universe as you would an atom. It has a spherical shape and is comprised of inward components. I don't believe the universe is perfectly spherical, but something closer to a blast radius. The "shell" or edge of the universe is not defined by where the ISM ends but rather how far matter is scattered throughout an infinite ISM. Now I want to clarify that when I speak of ISM inside the universe and outside the universe, there is a compositional difference. Since the end or shell is where matter ends, the black field that extends beyond the shell is devoid of particles or gasses. It is simply void.

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