Could you climb Mt Everest every day?
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19-03-2014, 08:42 AM (This post was last modified: 19-03-2014 09:13 AM by Brian37.)
Could you climb Mt Everest every day?
Just got finished watching another incredible show on science on the National Geographic Channel. "Light The Ocean". Our ocean currents are extremely complex and give rise to the extremely tiny microscopic food sources that without a churning ocean, or currents life on this planet would not have evolved to such a complex degree. One of the more amazing things to me is how tiny our surface mountains are compared to the underwater mountain ranges. Everest is a midget compared to the height of some of these underwater ranges.

One underwater canyon as deep as the grand canyon provides a haven for krill in the Monterey California bay. These tiny species feed on the surface at night but basically swim to the bottom during the day for cover, because the bottom is dark. They do this EVERY day, the equal distance of a human climbing Mt Everest. Our planet is amazing.

I think it is much more awe inspiring to know all this was not caused and simply a giant weather pattern. To think of this as being a product of a magic man cheapens the reality that we really are lucky, even with all the bad that happens. To think of all the variables in the history of this planet, one meteor here or there, or no impact causing the moon, and life never would have happened. Reality is much more fucking awesome than stupid comic books humans make to placate their childish emotions.

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