Creationism in School
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06-01-2012, 02:17 PM
RE: Creationism in School
Hey, Chaz.

I think we're splitting hairs at this point. I agree; the controversy is a creation of the Creationists; however, the controversy is not within evolution, but rather between evolution and Creationism.

And if you don't know of any biologists advocating the elimination of Creationism from all curriculums altogether, then you're not looking Cool To be fair, it's primarily coming from the anti-Theists.

I'm not just a cultural relativist, but I'm a subjectivist. I don't think the public schools are a place to teach anything as Truth. It should be there to teach truths. But that’s me.

I agree with you about building bridges, but I stick to my contention that teaching as many creation myths as possible to, as you say, "take away the power" from any one of them is a deliberate attempt to undermine all of them.

I agree that only science belongs in science class. I define myth slightly differently, but that's a whole other kettle of fish, so for now, yes, science in science class.

Hey, CW.

I'm a Darwinist and a subjectivist. So I believe in evolution, but I don't think that it, or more to the point that anything, is objectively true.

I would frame it differently but I disagree that opinion is "irrelevant and worthless". There's no one right way to live just hanging like an apple from a tree, waiting for us to find it. There are many different ways to live. As Wade Davis points out, each culture has:
Quote:...unique answers to a fundamental question: what does it mean to be human and alive? And when the peoples of the world answer that question, they do so in at least 7,000 different voices, and those voices become our collective repertoire for dealing with the challenges that will confront us as a species in the ensuing millennia.

This idea has been weighing on me heavily recently. The ultimate consequence of freedom is diversity. We can have freedom or homogeneity, we can't have both. So we have to decide which is more important to us. Personally, I choose freedom. The question then becomes, if we make a choice for freedom and diversity, how do we make it easier for all groups to come together and to lead quality lives in each other’s presence without imposing homogeneity as the solution? For me, the Creationism/evolution debate is at the heart of that discussion.

Peace and Love and Empathy,

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