Creationists on Flipboard
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23-11-2017, 08:47 AM
Creationists on Flipboard
I don't know if anyone uses Flipboard.

It's a news aggregation site which has apps that enable its use mobile devices. You can customise your own news feed and people can comment on news stories.

So occasionally I'd find creationist nonsense appearing in my news feed relating to evolutionary biology. I muted them, but they'd still appear from time to time. They all appeared to be emanating from a curated Flipboard magazine called "Creation Science Research". I exchanged a few polite comments with the curator, pointing out to him that the "scientific principles" which the Institute for Creation Research and the Creation Ministries International proclaimed were actually the antithesis of science.

That had no effect.

So I watched what he was "Flipping" into his magazine and most were from the ICR and Creation Evolution Headlines websites, and made comments on the articles. It was astonishingly easy to provide rebuttals or debunk every single one of those articles and I did so over a period of about a month ensuring that I stuck to demonstrable evidence, citing sources and so on. It was clear that every single article from these sources involved dishonest cherry picking, quote-mining, laughable attempts to misrepresent science and downright lies. I pointed this out on each occasion in my comments.

The creationist has now "muted" me and deleted every single one of my comments. I'm somehow not surprised. It takes a very special sort of dishonesty to be a creationist.


What astonished me was the idiocy of the claims made by creationist "science" websites and how easily they can be refuted. Leaving aside for one moment the ethics of the authors who contribute to those sites, their readership must astonishingly gullible...............or really stupid.

Or both.

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