Crime in your neighborhood
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10-03-2012, 07:46 AM
Crime in your neighborhood
Figured I'd see how someone else feels about this. I guess it kind of upset me. Also made me a bit suspicious of the dude staying with my neighbors nextdoor.

So I woke up yesterday morning to a nice day. My wife said - "hey let's go for a drive and go grab a cup of coffee!" so I said for sure!

As I walk out to my car, one of the neighbor's guests (guy is in financial trouble, staying with the neighbor till he's back on his feet) is outside, sees me and walks up to me and says.... "Hey just a heads up, our truck was broken into last night. So be on the lookout." Ummmmm ok? I was caught a little off guard by this. It's a nice neighborhood, but that doesn't mean it makes it insusceptible to crime. Realistically a few years ago one of the houses down the street was broken down to. I asked him what happened exactly and he didn't seem to want to talk about it. Uhhhh ok, why not?

But here's the thing that made me feel a it weird about it. I was home all of that night and had just got off a graveyard shift earlier, so that was my day off. I was AWAKE all night after that and most of the night was working in my garage and I didn't hear a darn thing. The other thing is that my car was in the driveway and was untouched. The other thing is that I forgot to lock the door on my car that night. I only noticed this because I opened the door on the car after he told me this and went "Oh crap, I hope nothing is...." NOPE. Not a single thing missing from my car. The guy's truck that was broken into didn't show any signs of forced entry. No broken glass. Why would they break into his truck and not my car? Or my wife's car? Or any other decent car and instead go for a crappy truck?

I sort of felt like it was targeted at him perhaps. The dude has been a bit of a handful since he moved in with his son, so I sort of wondered if it wasn't someone who knew he was here and targeted his truck. I hate to be the person to say - "Must have been this" but I guess I felt it was a bit weird. If it were an opportunist thief, why isn't the stereo and items missing from MY car? He was super vague, didn't want to talk about it, just gave us a "heads up" - but it kind of bothers me.

Anyway... so I call up the non emergency number and spoke to an officer. He said there were NO REPORTS OF ANY BREAK INS in my neighborhood for the entire week. Why would you NOT report someone breaking into your car? I know of no one that if their car was broken into at their place wouldn't call up and file a police report or do something about it. That seems batshit crazy to me.

I asked if they would be willing to increase patrol in my neighborhood and the officer said they absolutely would, just for more visibility in the neighborhood. The thing that sort of irked me though is what the officer said - "This town isn't what it used to be. Even my house was broken into not long ago. It used to be a nice town but it just isn't the same anymore." I guess that sort of bothered me.

I've spent a lot of time trying to get OUT of bad neighborhoods. My first apartment when I moved out at the age of 18 was in a horrible neighborhood. There were times when stuff would happen a house or two away that would make me have a hard time even sleeping. Then i moved into a slightly better place, but my cars were vandalized, there was always partying and drinking and people fighting and drug busts. Finally we moved into where we are now and it's been fantastic. Never had any problems really with anyone. Neighbors are fantastic. Nice people, quiet. A lot of retired people, so it's been pretty peaceful. But the last couple years have made me go - "Oh geez... not this shit again."
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10-03-2012, 10:37 AM
RE: Crime in your neighborhood
You said that the guy had a kid right? Maybe the reason he wasn't comfortable talking about it was because he thought it might have been the kid? That would also go so far as to explain why he wouldn't want to report it to the police.

Either way a car break in isn't the biggest deal in the world. It could be anything, including just some dick teenagers wandering around being dicks. Crime will go up with increased population. It's guaranteed. Increased population means less jobs, means higher poverty. You can't avoid it forever.

When I was younger I was part of the bad element, but I was never that bad. However my job required me to live in not so glorious neighborhoods. I once lived in the worst part of town where police raids were common, and gunfire mixed with sirens was your bedtime lullaby. I remember having my now wife sleep over one night and she heard a shotgun go off just down the street. We were watching some stupid movie and someone shot off the shotgun and she jumped so high, meanwhile I was so used to it I barely even noticed. Good times.

The only thing that you can do is take care of your family and keep an eye on your neighborhood.

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10-03-2012, 10:46 AM
RE: Crime in your neighborhood
Anytime i see the words "in your neighborhood" i automatically think of the Ghostbusters theme song.

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10-03-2012, 11:01 AM
RE: Crime in your neighborhood
Old vehicles are easier to break into.... just because there was no visible sign of forced entry doesnt necesarily mean that it wasnt broken into.

Your neighbour might not like the police...... I know I dont, there useless over here in the UK with regards to burglary like telling you not to touch anything then they send SOCO (scene of crime officers) round three days later Huh

Depending on his standing in the community sometimes its better NOT to phone the police.... for when you discover who did it.

Maybe his truck was broken into but nothing was stolen.

"I" never broke into cars unless there was something visible to take worthy of the risk.... nobody steals stereos anymore unless there a smack rat or it is a VERY valuable system.

My advice is to keep your ear to the ground..... be carefull who you trust and be even more carefull of what you say..... its better to just listen and stay quiet. If you are concerned then stick some Dog warning signs up on your property....or even better still get a largeish dog. Nothing else deters.

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10-03-2012, 12:02 PM
RE: Crime in your neighborhood
Like Bemore said, dogs are pretty much your only real deterrent for thieves. Remember that theft doesn't mean your neighborhood is necessarily going to shit. If it's a quiet neighborhood, the residents tend to become relaxed which makes a great target for thieves. People do things like forget to lock their car doors when they live in a neighborhood they deem "safe".

I live in the country, and theft is rampant out here. Everyone has quads, snowmobiles, and other toys that thieves love. Criminals don't just stay in their own neighborhoods to steal. They go to where the items are that they want.

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10-03-2012, 12:30 PM
RE: Crime in your neighborhood
I live on the top two floors of a building in Turkey, and my wife is actually afraid that someone will eventually break into our apartment. I, on the other hand, am looking forward to seeing how people land after a 14-story flight onto a moving vehicle.

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