Crystals what technological purpose can they be used for?
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02-04-2016, 12:52 PM
RE: Crystals what technological purpose can they be used for?
(30-03-2016 08:22 AM)Erikjust Wrote:  Okay the subject might be a bit vague.
But we see it in ALOT of sci-fi and fantasy.

In Star Wars they are used as the focus lens for the light saber itself (i think)

In Stargate SG-1 they are mainly used as hard drives.

And in the old Superman (the Richard Donner version) The are more or less used for almost anything the writer can come up with.

My question is, at our current technological level and understand, do crystals have any use in our technology and if so what is it that makes them so useful and if not what is it about them that makes them more or less useless as anything but a pretty thing.

I think i heard somewhere that artificial diamonds (which would fall under the crystal idea) are great conductors and are good at transferring heat and such.
But other then that i have no idea what crystals can actually be used for in technology?

Crystals of WHAT? That is the question. All matter in its solid state forms crystals. They are utilized in lots of applications. The wristwatch on your hand uses quartz crystals for timekeeping, the cpu in your computer or mobile phone in a precision etched silicon crystal. The screen you're reading this on utilizes a matrix of crystals which change color when electrified. Heck you even put halite crystals (salt) on your dinner to season it.


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