Curing the Pestilence.
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22-08-2011, 06:02 PM
Exclamation Curing the Pestilence.
I am in a astronomically large pickle here. I am in a relationship with a girl who, unfortunately I can't say I love, but desire to attain this sort of connection with. Unfortunately, she is a devout christian. We've had extremely in depth debates leaving me frustrated and her baffled. I've proposed unanswerable question about her faith and she relies on, simply put, her faith. She buries her mind in pounds upon pounds of books scouring for resources to affirm her clearly illogical emotional beliefs. I am being pushed towards having to alienate myself from her and potentially break apart any sort of affectionate relations with her. It's imminent that we will no longer be romantically involved because of the turn off she presents me (her faith). I am dying for a single or even complicated statement I could present to her to at least bring her to the idea of agnosticism. I would love to see her call herself an atheist. I have simply failed in this respect. I am asking for anyone's assistance in salvaging our relationship and her mind. Heart .
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