Czech Republic elects president
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28-01-2018, 05:37 AM
Czech Republic elects president
Milos Zeman (73) was re-elcted for another 5 years. He was a former mid to left politician an dex prime minister who moved to the right.

Zeman is known to:
  • be pro russian
  • have "close ties" to Putin
  • was one of the few EU politicians to make positive comments about Trumps election
  • seems to be rather ambivalent about EU
  • is anti immigration, particularly muslim immigration, and seems to make no distinction between refugees seeking asylum and immigrants. Between Feb and Dec only 116 people were seeking asylum in the Czech Republic (yet it seems, they pose a major threat Facepalm ).
  • his main voter base are people from rural areas and the lower income class

The Czech president has very limited powers (like in any other parlamentarian democracy), but Zeman already tested his powers in the past by appointing an adminstration (in 2013) against the will of the parliament.
Lately he backed up right wing populist PM Andrej Babis, who was leading a minority cabinet and is *acting only* after having lost a referendum in parliament. Zeman assured Babis to give him a second chance (wow, and what about election results?).

Prime minister Babis is a billionaire and former businessman.
Quote:Babiš has been linked closely to President Miloš Zeman since at least 2001, when Zeman was Prime Minister, and his business interests are alleged to have benefited from the association. In 2001, Zeman oversaw the sale of Unipetrol, a state-owned chemical company, to Babiš. Babiš pulled out of the sale, but later oversaw the sale of the firm to a Polish company. The sale was tainted by a massive bribery scandal, according to Polish reports, although Babis denies any bribes were paid. The Unipetrol deal is cited often as evidence of a strong partnership between Babiš and Zeman that persists.

Babiš has a reputation for surrounding himself with senior police officers, security agents, and former Communist informers, to help him consolidate power.

Similarities to other coUntrieS And its presidents or PMs are purely coincidental. Big Grin

Too bad Vosur isnt here to give us a bit more background info about the whole situation.

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28-01-2018, 07:41 AM
RE: Czech Republic elects president
My cousin who lives there is not happy. So much so, that he's even posted on facebook. Which he does maybe once a year...

Then again, seeing as Brazil might very well elect someone who "American journalist Glenn Greenwald referred to [...] as "the most misogynistic, hateful elected official in the democratic world". And " wondered whether [he] was "the world’s most repulsive politician"... Dodgy

ETA: Too bad? Not really what I would have said Drinking Beverage

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