DUNE question. Am I understanding Paul correctly?
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21-10-2012, 01:09 AM
Question DUNE question. Am I understanding Paul correctly?
I'm currently on Frank Herberts God Emperor of Dune (4th book).

The recap as I understand it:

Dune I
-Paul seeks revenge.
-Paul acquires an army (Fremen) to carry out said revenge.
-Paul is able to see the future (prescience).
-If Paul uses the army, it will unleash an intergalactic Jihad.
-Paul takes the risk, thinking he can curb it.

Dune II
-Paul is firmly heading said Jihad.
-Paul presents himself as a living demigod.
-Paul freely admits that tens of billions of people have been killed, several planets are destroyed, several religions have been murdered into extinction.

QUESTION: Is the reader to believe that Paul is actually curbing the Jihad, and if he didn't, it would have killed MORE people, and destroyed MORE planets?

He's setting himself up as a living God, or demigod, building palaces, and murdering Tens of Billions. At no point was there anything to hint that he was choosing the lesser of two evils. He was trying to curb a Jihad in the first book, and yet he's heading a devastating one, willy nilly, in the second book.
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