DW Characters: Favourites and Suggestions
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22-07-2014, 01:59 PM
DW Characters: Favourites and Suggestions
OK Dynasty Warriors fans, we're now up to about 82 playable characters. Who are your favourites (either through personality or playing ability), and do you have any characters you'd like to see added?

The first Dynasty Warriors game I properly played was DW5 and my favourite characters have remained the same ever since. Lu Xun and Xiaoqiao, I think they both have good personalities and weapons (though I didn't like Lu Xun's moverset in DW8). I gotta say though, Daqiao's weapon/moveset in DW8 is insane! My favourite weapon overall is Cao Pi's sword/s from DW5 (double-ended blade that can detach into twin swords) and I'm delighted they've re-introduced it for DW8 after it wasn't included in DW6 or DW7.

As for characters I'd like to see added, the first that springs to mind is Cao Mao. I don't think he will get added but he sounds like a really interesting person who I'm sure Koei could do something cool with. Perhaps have him as a separate officer from Wei though (listed under 'Other' perhaps) to avoid fucking up Wei's storyline.

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