Damn Creationist always ignoring me.
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26-04-2014, 04:12 PM
Damn Creationist always ignoring me.
I realized something, almost every time I debate with a creationist they ignore me and go after someone else. Why is that? Alright let me explain. It usually goes something like this.

C:Evolution is fales

PF: But there is evidence for it

C:Like what?

PF: Transitional fossils like archeopteryx

C:But that is just a bird not a fossil

PF: It is and I shall go over the traits. Archeopteryx avian traits are feathers, Pubis elongate and directed backward, it has a wish bone and a opposable hallux. Its theropod traits include teeth, unfused wing fingers, a neck bone that connects to the back of the head despite the animal not being aquatic, and a gastralia is present. I named all of its avian traits, and less of half of its dinosaur traits. Tell me how can something be a bird but not a dinosaur but it has more dinosaur traits than birds?

C:Well young hoatzins have claws to climb up trees in.

PF: The problem is that it is two fused joints and one unfused one. Archyopteryx had all of them unfused for its whole life. So that really doesn't answer anything.

C:Yes but they unfused joints don't they

PF: Only for a while, and plus they again eventually fuse back and that two of them are already fused archeopteryx has none of them fused. And to make things worst a animal like that was predicted that way using observation of avian anatomy. So the hoatzin does not have the same joint fusion as archeopteryx.

C: Birds like ostriches have claws.

PF: Ya but their joints are not unfused. So you have a animal with claws but has its joints unfused its whole life. Why is that?

C: Well maybe god made them that way.

PF: Why then would go make a animal that would fit well with the predictions of evolution, but not make animals like a catbug? Why make it look like to fit evolutionary theory?

C: Well that is the way god did it.

PF: That doesn't answer the question just begs it.

Another atheist: C you are stupid and need an education.

After that another atheist(who in this case is just an average joe who says creationism is stupid) debates him. And even after addressing every point C makes it ignores me and goes on to the simple answers of our other atheist.

I think they ignore me because they are done with me. Undecided

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