Darwin Awards Jr.
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25-04-2012, 12:58 AM (This post was last modified: 25-04-2012 01:07 AM by justmetoo.)
Darwin Awards Jr.
I don't know if you guys have ever seen the Darwin Awards, which is a crazy conglomeration of things that absolutely stupid people do that either take their lives, thus removing their uniquely moronic strain from the worldwide gene pool. Very few of these are called honorable mention, because the person actually lived through the experience and
hopefully, they would learn from the ordeal they would learn from the ordeal.

As these awards are for adults, who should know better, the junior added to the topic is more in fun as it is for the members here to document the various times that they, as kids have done crazy stuff that have or could have resulted in injury, and should be part of a story which should end with: and It's a wonder I'm alive today.

I have two and the first one begins when I was in grade school.

(1) When I was younger, my brother and I slept in bunk beds, which weren't the safety beds of today, but the metal and spring monsters of the late 60's without padding or safety bars to keep anyone from rolling of the top bunk. Well my brother, for some odd reason had the bottom bunk and I the top. I guess my parents thought that they knew my older brother longer and if I broke my neck, they could more easily replace methan him. lol

Anyway. I had this thing for super heroes and I tied a blanket around my neck for a cape and jumped off the top bunk to land on the floor with a mixed level of grace. Anyway, I had a wise idea of jumping off backwards which in my childish mind would mean landing infront of my brother and scaring the crap out of him. Well the jump worked out well, but the landing was less than perfect and I ended up landing baddly on my ankle with not only wrenched the heck out of it, but as I collapsed I
ended up bouncing my chin of the front side of his mattress springs. I ended up at the hospital which gave me several stitches, without any anesthesia.

The second is when I was a few years older, but not much wiser.

(2) My brother and I was bored one Saturday morning and decided we needed to make a tree house. Well being the certified structural engineers that we were, we decided to construct a tree house just a few yards from the house we were living in. and began acquiring the odds and ends that we thought we needed to finish the job.

We began to work on the thing, which thankfully not far off the ground, but enough to climb up to construct and the thing slow, began taking shape. We finished the floor fairly quickly and began constructing the walls with the windows and the entrance, where we figured we would attach a rope ladder. It wasn't until we were banging around, both one one side of the structure, trying to begin the roof, when we found the fatal flaw in our construction.

Suddenly we felt the odd sensation of movement and from our vantage point we could look out one of the windows as the structure slipped from the loving embrace of the tree limbs that we thought would hold it, firmly, tipped on end and plummeted some 10-15 feet to the awaiting ground.

We were not exactly will participants in the journey and announced our displeasure with our best renditions of blood curling screams, only to be met with an equally horrendous sound, when we impacted the ground.

I'm not sorry to say that was the end of my construction career, but not off my propensity for foolishness.
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