Dealey Plaza
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17-11-2013, 11:11 PM
Dealey Plaza
Sorry if there are a shitload of Kennedy assassination threads here already, I was simply too tired and probably too lazy to search and find out tonight.

Since it's rather timely, thought I'd throw my 2 cents in on it.

So.....I was taking a shuttle ride through Dallas one day, from the bus station to the airport, and banging away on my ipod, oblivious to....well....pretty much everything, when the driver stopped at a red light, turned to me, and says, "Hey, .do you know where we are...?" So I look around, and, of course, though I had never seen any pix or videos from that particular angle, I immediately recognized the triple underpass and the pergolas and the winding street and the big boxy building to my right, close enough that I could spit on it. "Holy SHIT! -- this is Dealey Plaza!", I said. And it was.

SO, as we were stopped at a red light, I got to take the place in for a couple of minutes. What immediately struck me about the place, was how SMALL it actually is. You look at the assassination films and pix, and it looks a HELL of a lot bigger than it actually is. And then it struck me -- the solution to Life, the Universe, the Kennedy Assassination, and Everything: Oswald could have thrown a fucking BRICK out that window and hit Kennedy with it. No shit. Easy-Peasy. The phrase, "Shooting fish in a barrel" comes to mind.

So there it is, you heard it form me first, one day my words will be immortal. Or used for fish wrap...

It's Special Pleadings all the way down!

Magic Talking Snakes STFU -- revenantx77

You can't have your special pleading and eat it too. -- WillHop
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