Dealing with a religious wife and child?
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01-08-2010, 02:28 PM
RE: Dealing with a religious wife and child?
The education of your child is the most important thing you will ever have responsibility for, so it is essential that you resolve this now and do not wait. Whilst it is of no use to you in relation to this question in the current circumstances, I would have thought that this was something you should have discussed BEFORE you actually had a child or, at the very latest, before schooling began!

Personally, I would say that you need to emphasise the importance to you that your child is properly educated to grow up to think for itself. In my view, that rules out religious schooling. The teaching of religion can be her job - when the child is old enough to understand and make its own decisions - anything else is indoctrination. The religious know this, they know that unless they brainwash children then their religions will wither and die. Whilst adults do make choices to become religious, this wouldn't be enough to sustain organised religion - hence the indoctrination process. Your child will love you all the more when older if you can find a way to ensure s/he is not a victim of such brainwashing.
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