Dealing with crappy family? How?
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28-08-2012, 12:44 PM
Dealing with crappy family? How?
The more I read here in the forum the more I wonder.
I understand that a lot of you guys/gals here have families you are less then just "not proud" of.

I have the same problem.
Pretty much my whole family is completely fucked up.
I deal with it by doing what I can do best, dropping one by one like a hot potato. Just stopping contact to everyone who proves themselves to be an asshole and not worthy my energy and devotion.
So I dropped contact with my father when I was 14, with my grandparents when I was 21, with my mother when I was 22 (needed a break but am now back in touch), with my brothers when I was around 23 although I have lose contact with one of them by now.
My whole family pissed me off for long enough so now I just don't want them in my live anymore.

I have a huge problem with the fact that my mother, who I like as a friend and not as a mother, and my brother want to see me. They want me to visit town and I am still not ready to do that, I keep inviting them to Romania > mainly because I know they can't afford the trip but so I don't seem rude.
Is that a bad stradegy? Just not ready to see them that's all.

Do any of you find themselves in this position? If yes, how do you deal?
Second of all, we are moving back to my hubby's country that we left because we were poor and because of his family. Now we are not poor anymore, but I feel weird about his family and I am sure he has mixed feelings as well.

Weird everything, need input please.

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