Debate trial run. "Pet ownership should be made illegal"
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07-01-2013, 03:59 PM
RE: Debate trial run. "Pet ownership should be made illegal"
(03-01-2013 02:50 AM)Birdguy1979 Wrote:  
(27-12-2012 09:18 PM)poolboyg88 Wrote:  I'd like have threads that put out a proposition, and users will debate it, but make an effort to give the best possible argument they can that conflicts with their real world views. Why?
1. It allows users to explore all the potential arguments that they may come up against.
2. It may allows users to sympathize with others they disagree with.
3. It may hone their own debating skills.
4. It may give an excuse for people with particularly despicable beliefs to debate for things that they may not necessarily have had an opportunity to explore. They can explore fully what they think and why.

The topic for this trial run is "Should owning a pet be made illegal?". Users should take a side and give their best possible answer for why or why not.

I was inspired by a caller on the Howard Stern show, who would kill neighbourhood pets to console the children of those pets, in their time of grief. His argument was that he was envious of those pets, and that those children should be loving him instead of their pets. He was definitely giving off a pedo vibe. He also threw something in about god and religion. But ugh.. try to come up with something better.

Many of the animals that are kept as pets would have no chance at all in the wild, so they can't be released. We would have to kill them all. Also many exotic species that are kept as pets have a real chance of a future. Many parrots are being wiped out, because they are too efficient at stealing and making messes. I have a grey and a macaw. If at some point they go extinct in the wild, there are many in captivity that can be used to breed new generations. Also these that are kept as pets cannot return to the wild, especially since legally the ones that are alive right now have never known the wild. Not to mention that many of us are better with animals than we are with people. Some might snap.

Stray dogs can live for years. This depends on the species at best.
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