Debunk this creationist video about a human ancestor fossil
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10-08-2017, 09:44 AM
RE: Debunk this creationist video about a human ancestor fossil
(10-08-2017 09:13 AM)Gwaithmir Wrote:  
(10-08-2017 02:08 AM)ELK12695 Wrote:  The usual creantionist attack form is to insult anybody who doubts their stupid claims. In the sense that not all Atheists are scientists; the creationist demands that anybody that questions them needs a degree in physics or biology to question them. If you don't, they'll scream and squawk for hours about you "Not knowing the foundations of your own 'beliefs'", when in reality most creationists have never read or attempted to understand the concepts of science themselves. In a situation where they do meet a scientist, it always ends in "Nuh uh! Your 10 year PH.d in your field is wrong because... because!".

You can observe this anywhere in the Atheist vs Theist section, where the lifecycle of a creationist is like this:

Let's presume that the creationist is a male.

Stage 1: Shows up like he's some sort of super hero, making a proud exclaim that everyone on the forum is stupid, except him(how he says this can vary, but it's a staple to have a superiority complex).

Stage 2: Has his first thread skullfucked by 20 + atheists that has heard his exact argument before about a hundred times, leaving said creationist fatigued after about 10 to 20 pages or so.

Stage 3: Creationist creates several new threads with what he calls "amazing proof" of his imaginary friend, yet the enthusiasm isn't as strong before because the first thread was supposed to be his big "checkmate". Rinse and repeat of Stage 2.

Stage 4: The new threads are also deflated and the creationist is pretty much defeated. At this point one or two things will happen:

One is that he will get bored and after a few deathkicks in activity, he leaves the forum forever. Nobody will remember said person due to being replaced by another creationist.

Two is that the creationist doubles down. If he can't beat the forum debaters intellectually, he'll turn to trolling or creating sock accounts; both gets him banned eventually. And again, nobody will remember him.

> Have you ever dealt with the YouTube moron who goes by the name Shock of God? Consider

Been a while since I heard that name. That idiot on the bike.

The Brett Keane induvidjul has always been my favorite moron-situation.

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