Debunking Jehovah's Witnesses latest anti-science article
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22-08-2014, 05:02 AM
RE: Debunking Jehovah's Witnesses latest anti-science article
(16-08-2014 06:40 PM)Sam Wrote:  Pricks...

It's a long time since I last read a Watchtower or Awake magazine... But their anti-evolution always seemed to be based on the idea that you have a choice about what's fact or fiction.

"Which would you prefer?" "What is more desirable?" as if that changes the facts.

Ah well... Shit heads gonna be shit headed.

I concur. It is one of the many things that irritates me most about religious people. They believe so wholeheartedly in humanities right to choose that they try to apply it to everything.

Humans choose how reality works.
Humans choose their gender
Humans get to choose their sexuality and what makes them horny.
Humans get to choose whether or not something is true or not.
Humans get to choose x and y and z and define what x y or z actually means and can argue it all they want.

The funny thing about reality is, it does not matter what how we feel or what we think or believe in or what we "think" we "know". Someone like Sye Ten Bruggencate can keep saying he knows, he knows, he knows, he knows and there for its true because BIBLE all he wants. The funny thing is.

100% of everyone who knows all these things and has god and jesus and the bible...are 100% wrong.

Reality does not care about the bible, god, Amaterasu, Thor, or the volcano god. It doesn't care about anything because reality does not have a consciousness TO care. Reality simply is as it is. Reality stays the same without all that superstitious and it nonsense and regardless of a persons ability to "imagine" something, does not change the fact that the science is right.

My Youtube channel if anyone is interested.
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