Debunking the Free Market
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16-12-2011, 07:33 PM
RE: Debunking the Free Market
(16-12-2011 07:15 AM)hotrodmike Wrote:  Unregulated markets led to anti-trust laws. Ramant insider trading led to the SEC. Employer abuse of employees led to labour unions. Rampant pollution led to the EPA. All this government regulation of business didn't just spring up out of nowhere- it was cause and effect, folks. Left alone, the free market will do whatever it takes to make a fatter profit, and that means poisoning your drinking water and cutting your wages to the point that at the end of the working day you actually owe your employer money rather than the other way around. Unlicensed doctors can practice whatever quackery they like upon you. No consumer protections means anyone can sell you a defective product without fear of repercussions. Is that the world you want to return to? Do you really see that as an improvement over the status quo? Get your heads out of the Libertarian clouds.

Yup, but I've voted for Ron Paul in every Republican Primary where he was running, and I'm voting for him in the upcoming Primary as well. Not because I agree with him but just because he is like the only authentic and principled politician in the mix and it warms my heart to be able to vote for a principled politician. But he'd make a horrible President in this day and age when we are not quibbling about whether or not we are socialist (despite what Faux News might have us believe), we are quibbling about the appropriate degree of socialism.

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