Deep Scars
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16-01-2018, 07:59 PM
RE: Deep Scars
I am still extremely paranoid that my thoughts are being monitored as well, except not by one god but ANY under the sun, and spirits to boot! But I really like Jennybee's leprechaun idea, except I used to be pagan and believed in fairies so I think I'm going to try imagining the flying spaghetti monster since at least I never believed in that!

I am always so scared that if I have a negative thought it makes negative things more likely to happen. I hate that so much.

I have been having fits of paranoia that border on psychosis for the past couple years just because I'll be stuck standing in the middle of the bathroom trying to imagine barriers around me to protect me from spirits, and then if I can't completely imagine a barrier I'll think I messed up and start all over again. I talk out loud telling myself all these logical arguments of "it's not possible. If thoughts had consequences the world would be so different it wouldn't even be this world" "there's no proof" "coincidences can happen, and there is such thing as false pattern recognition and that's the main reason anyone even believes in anything". Sometimes, even after doing that, I'm still overwhelmed by fear and STILL do these stupid little "barriers" and "prayers" as a "just in case" sort of thing.

... I wish I could just ignore these thoughts. I know they're illogical yet they're hard to ignore. Though something that does sometimes help is if I keep telling myself "use your senses, not your thoughts" repeatedly.

I also have been really getting into watching Neil DeGrase Tyson's "Cosmos" series. It's very calming and helps me focus on what's realistic. I just still get very paranoid.
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17-01-2018, 09:45 AM (This post was last modified: 17-01-2018 09:53 AM by BikerDude.)
RE: Deep Scars
(12-02-2017 01:28 AM)Ruby Crystal Wrote:  Let's be honest, we've all touched ourselves down there, and enjoyed it.
No. I honestly never have.
And "enjoyed it"?
Maybe that's the problem?

Quote:While our rational brains tell us this won't happen to us at all, or tells us 'why would a being punish us for being human'. The deeply rooted fear we are still pulling up serves as the brain side that just won't go away.

If you don't get over this you won't get over it.

Quote:It seems like every time I try something new that my mom says is 'sinful' AKA listening to heavy metal or swearing on God's name.

Will hell be any worse than your mother?
You've been trained to enjoy this crap.
These thoughts are hard to ignore because you've been trained to enjoy guilt and misery.
Welcome to religion.
Instead enjoy the hell out of heavy metal and all the stuff your mom calls sinful.
I really think the problem gets exacerbated by sort of "lowering the bar" on sinful.
If stuff like music is sinful then you are walking on egg shells.
Don't hurt anybody and seek happiness.
As far as your mom goes, she's a traffic cop.
Play by the rules when you have to and drive it like you stole it when you can.
And stop believing in fairies and other bullshit.
It's a waste of energy.
Good luck.

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