Democracy 3: Your thoughts
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17-10-2013, 12:32 PM
Democracy 3: Your thoughts
Anyone out there who's interested in the hustle and bustle of politics and plays Democracy 3? Interesting little simulator I have to admit, especially being able to craft a country how you personally would see fit.

I like the small touches which they have put in, such as drug legalization, high speed rail networks and drinking age limits. Random encounters such as the fracking, nuclear power and religious symbols in schools debates are also quite quirky. Then there's my personal favorite, evolution vs. creationism in schools.

I've only played through once so far, and from what I can see it's all about balancing numbers. I'm about to start a 200% difficulty game, so we'll see how that goes.

What do other people think about this game?
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17-10-2013, 08:49 PM
RE: Democracy 3: Your thoughts
I can only speak if it's essentially a carbon copy of Democracy 1 (which is the only one I played). If not, skip the following. If it improves on the following, let me know.

It's a game, and in no way a simulator. There are only a couple dozen interest groups, and you just click the "options" that make the more larger interest groups happier.
The larger the voter base you make "happy" the more votes you get.

But in real life that's hardly the case. You'd just need a minority of people in powerful lobbies to give you lots of money and you're set for the next election. Money wins elections.

And the user interface, a scatter of image icons wasn't pleasant.

And the options were so limiting. What if I only wanted to raise taxes on the super rich? There's no distinction. The tax rate was flat.

Or what about for more interesting, but all too realistic options of jailing or murdering off an "interest groups" that didn't adhere? What about the options for propaganda? Demonizing one group or another, or rivalling political parties?

Fun fact: although I managed to create a medical utopia, eradicated poverty, and the country was a ecological paradise, the "middle class" interest group didn't like that the taxes were "too high". And since they made up 40% of the votes, I keep losing Dodgy That and the constant terrorist attacks by the "Patriots" for essentially abolishing the military. Maybe if I built up the military to shoot the "Patriots" .. I hope they like the taste of irony Drinking Beverage But alas, there's no option for that.
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