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25-03-2015, 10:49 AM
RE: Depopulation
(21-03-2015 11:19 AM)onlinebiker Wrote:  
(21-03-2015 06:51 AM)dimaniac Wrote:  Jobs are created artificially by central bank. In pure free market only top 0.01% would have money and everyone else would starve to death.

Jobs are created by creative people finding markets and filling them -- the very definition of free market.

Where'd you study economics? Havana????

as long as their is untapped demand there will be people who spot it and want to profit from supplying that demand it, this is what a free market will entail

people want to make large amounts of money, they start business and other units, this creates employment opportunities and when they expand more job vacancies will arise
when people are employed they earn money, which they can spend on stuff to meet their needs (essentials) and wants (non-essentials) which creates more demand and thus income source to those who can supply those needs and wants and this process repeats itself

I don't see how a free market can cause low employment
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