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29-12-2016, 01:14 AM
RE: Depressed
(28-12-2016 06:18 PM)Anjele Wrote:  
(28-12-2016 05:52 PM)Chas Wrote:  Sorry I wasn't here for you. Weeping

You survived the shit - I knew you would. Yes

Thank you for urging me back in October to get back on antidepressants. I can't imagine how far I would have fallen had I not done that.

**I sent a text to the head project manager when I left and thanked him for all his help while I was there. I also (half jokingly) said I hoped Santa would bring me a job. I sent him a text today letting him know that I did find a job and wishing him a happy New Year...his reply text said that he quit the job two days after I did...and he had been there a couple years. He was being raked over the coals for flying to Michigan for his grandmother's funeral though he was only gone over a weekend. I wasn't the only one they treated poorly.

I'll never understand why people do this. Happy work environment = productive. It's really fucking simple. But you do hear these horror stories. Confused

We'll love you just the way you are
If you're perfect -- Alanis Morissette
(06-02-2014 03:47 PM)Momsurroundedbyboys Wrote:  And I'm giving myself a conclusion again from all the facepalming.
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