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22-11-2012, 04:12 PM
RE: Depression.
I said that in another thread (no clue where exactly anymore) and I'll write it for you again:

Humanity, just as every other living form, exists to keep existing. That is biologically the only goal the species as a whole has. So yes, your life is meaningless for that goal, your memories etc. And it is really difficult to come to realize that life ends and you will not be there anymore at some point. We have all been there, and it is a hard phase.

But you leave impact on the people around you, girlfriends, wife, children, grandchildren, friends, teachers, coworkers. You are on pictures and in forum postings. People talk about you, even if you don't realize that right now due to the depression.
So once you are dead there will still be your "footprints" around.

And another approach is, you do not mean nothing at all.
So when you are dead in your grave you become soil and food for the small animals, if you get cremated you turn into excess energy and that again will be consumed back into the universe and used in another way. You will not be gone, you will be transformed and be used in a new way.
Maybe I sound overly excited about it but it is a fact.

Alone the fact that we are stardust is so great. Did you know that the universe has all those chemical elements in certain amounts... so and so many percent water, so and so many percent helium etc etc. Humans have the exact same percentages, of all the elements that are in the universe, in them. (I read that somewhere, but I forgot where, sorry. If anyone knows where that was, please add the source).
That is such a great thing, how we find all that in us.

Yes, we are tiny and for the universe we are pretty irrelevant, but just look at how great it is, in all the chaos of the universe, a planet turns out to evolve and have living thinking, selfaware creatures on it. And that is us...
That alone gives me a boost sometimes.

And knowing that my time on earth is finite makes me enjoy every day just so much more because the next day it could all be over, and wouldn't it be a shame to not have tried and experienced as much as I can?

hang in there, it'll get better Smile

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