Desperation - Stephen King
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29-07-2012, 03:59 PM
Desperation - Stephen King
Just watched Desperation. I do not know the book but the movie is based on the book by Stephen King.
Now, I read quite a few Stephen King books in the past, and I saw a few movies based on his books.
But I must say that this was a little bit of a disappointment

It was totally his style. The whole story was built like a typical "Stephen King" but what bothered me was the God thing.
In the beginning there is this boy who is praying while he is locked up. And I am like "ok, well, who cares"
But it's not stopping. Throughout the whole movie he prays and talks about god and how good god is and that sometimes god is cruel but god is love blahblah.
Kind of contradicting itself as the movie itself is pretty much a horror. Pretty gory at times and most certainly nothing about love in the movie.
It's a little weird to have that big of a focus on the whole god thing there.
I know that King likes to focus on supernatural things but this was just a notch too annoying.
I think the story could have been a lot better without the god topic in it.

Apart from the big focus on god, the movie is actually not too bad. But for me the godthing took away from the fun. Other people might not be bothered by it, I am.

So basically the movie starts out with a weird crazy cop, locking people up and killing people. The town is empty apart from this cop and the people he drags into his little small-town police station.

Not saying more, so if you wanna see it, it's not spoiled (apart from the god part, that you know of by now)

here link
(@ mod: I hope it is ok to post the link to the video, when it is on youtube. if not, please delete)

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