Did I do right?
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27-05-2014, 10:28 AM (This post was last modified: 27-05-2014 11:29 AM by kim.)
RE: Did I do right?
(27-05-2014 09:19 AM)kingschosen Wrote:  
(26-05-2014 11:27 AM)kim Wrote:  My left hook is far sneakier than yours.

Yabut, I'm left-handed.

Ha -so was my Dad. Shy My brother and I are to an extent, ambidextrous... when necessary. Might seem silly but, I've come to think of this as our genetic tribute to our Dad. I think he always wondered if he gave us enough, you know?

The thing is Kingsy, throwing out those constructs are not only a false defense which can become a psychological crutch, they only serve to belittle what you are... and is a distraction from the issue at hand.

You are a human being; a human being with thoughts and feelings and fears. You had a difficult human issue. This small bit of life you were forced to interact with, caused you to question your humanity and the animal nature of this humanity. It is human to question this; it is entirely what makes us human.

If an insensitive dolt chimes in with, "oh, you're a pussy." or "oh, you're a murderer." etc., don't knee-jerk yourself into the arena to defend yourself with something outside yourself... if you do, he's already won. Don't be distracted from your humanity.

That guy is just as afraid of being a human as you are and was trying to distract you from it. You're coming to realize that being human is not a shameful or arrogant state, rather a very arduous, humble and possibly noble state. Those same kind of haunted feelings will come again Kingsy, along with the same questions. Don't toss this exercise in humanity aside or dummy it down; it's life practice.

Your humanity is the strongest piece of yourself and the only thing that will help you deal with those haunted feelings and questions. Your children will eventually have these questions... let them see that it is human to feel conflicted.

Personally, I would have called him a dick... jackass is kind of 90s. Drinking Beverage Personal taste I guess.

A new type of thinking is essential if mankind is to survive and move to higher levels. ~ Albert Einstein
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