Did you miss Boko Haram? Yeah, me neither.
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23-02-2018, 01:44 PM
Did you miss Boko Haram? Yeah, me neither.
While the Islamic State is morribon following its crushing defeats in Syria and Irak, reducing their massive territory to a small strip of land in the desert frontier of Syria and Iraq, its African branch in Nigeria is launching a new offensive against governmental troops. This latest attack, while largely a military failure, has led to another wave of kidnapping in girls boarding schools. Another one was attacked and over a hundred girls are reported missing, most probably captured by the group to serve as child brides or sex slaves.

This reminds people of a similar attack in 2014 that led to over 200 girls being captured and used as sex slaves. About of 150 of them were later released or saved. Others, were seen supporting their captors in a video and claimed they were well treated. This time though, the Nigerian government was accused of being complacent about the issue and slow to react. His lack of transparency about his actions against the group and the overall situation of the conflict were also highlighted. Boko Haram is an extremist sunni islamic group that swore alligence to the Islamic State in 2014 whose translated name means Western Education is a Sin. They favor attacks on schools, especially girl schools and for their heavy use of child soldiers. They are the most powerful radical islamist terror group in Africa.


Nigeria is one of the world's country where modern slavery is the most active. Most which are migrants displaced y conflict forced into force labor for lack of oney and security and sex slaves. Children, teenagers and women make up most of the victims. People suspected of witchcraft are also frequently victim of kidnapping, slavery and murders. Its estimated that around 800 000 people live in slavery in Nigeria as we speek.


Freedom is servitude to justice and intellectual honesty.
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