Difference between rights and claims..........
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22-11-2015, 07:01 AM
Difference between rights and claims..........
On the other website, once again, some atheists, like Bill Maher, Sam Harris, and the late Christopher Hitchens, and those who blaspheme religion, as well as myself, get falsely accused of bigotry.

It is perfectly within reason to be able to separate the issue of human rights, and the credibility of a claim someone might make. We are NOT a separate species. No, I do not give Islam a pass, or Christianity, or Jewish, or Hindu or Buddhism or any current or past claimed religions in all of human history. THAT does not make me an intolerant bigot. It just means I am not afraid of challenging ideas. IDEAS.

What these fuckers in this article are doing is bigotry. This is the same scapegoating Hitler did in selling fear of Jews. No matter what I may think of religion, ANY RELIGION, my common humanity comes first. It is inhuman to deny refuges escape from war and possible death.

Nobody who values the secular west wants a theocracy built here. But that should not come at the cost of putting your fellow human in the position of death out of fear of the few that are violent fucks.

A bigot is someone that fears your existence. A bigot uses labels to ignore that we are a same species. Merely saying "That is not true" or "Why do humans cling to old myths" by any label, only means you are challenging them to think about why they feel the need for ANY religion.


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