Different languges.
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23-12-2013, 02:48 PM
Different languges.
Many of us have gotten the cop out before when we question them about the beliefs of others they reject, "It is just God speaking to humans in different languages, but it is the same god".

Well intended but PC cop out crap one avoids to examine their own claims. It is a stupid sense of "cant we all just get along".

The psychological reality to this bad logic is that it is a comic book reflection of our natural trait as a species for human empathy. It ignores that if one is going to admit "we are ok if we are different" and " we are really all the same", they fail to consider that this "oneness" is not due to a God or deity or super natural being, but that we have the same desires because we have the same common evolution.

If this "God" is merely all the same, then it should not matter which religion you pick, and simply trust a bunch of Dungeons and Dragons dice and roll them, and based on what numbers face up, pick that religion. The reality is that no one does that.

Humans are the same, but the fantasies humans have concocted throughout history have different details reflecting the same human desire to continue and find resources.

Humans are not gods and gods dont exist, but our history of delusion in wanting one to exist is universal, a universal distraction. It is an insidious meme born out of our evolutionary flaw of guessing first rather than kicking the tires.

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