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10-04-2012, 09:32 AM
First sorry if my translation/spelling messes it up a bit.

I am having a dilemma

I never belived in god I don’t know if my parense do but they
did baptist me so therefor I am amember of the Danish state chuch (Lutheran), this
means I pay bout 1% in churchtax, that btw is not an issue in this.

The last 6 mounth there have been a debate about if the
church should or should not marry samesex couples, this would just be the final
step since there have been same sex marrieds since 1989 here just not in the church.
The thing is that the Danish state church as the name say is under govenment
control so this is politicial and it most likely going to happen this spring.

The debate are a bit like this gallups say that around 65 %
of the public support samesex getting married in the
church (85% of the Danish citizens are members) but seems to be kind of
the other way with the priest were only are 40% for it . And around that will not marry a couple were one or both
have been divorced.

The tone in the debate have moved me to the final step to
get out of the membership, but this give me this dilemma.

There are a movment in the rightwing of the church that claim that there will be a large
number that will end there membership becaurse they are agianst samsex getting
married some say 15%. While I am for this it I don’t want to be part of that so should I waith 6 mounth or ?

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10-04-2012, 10:16 AM
RE: Dilema
LOL. I love that comic. Think I better go have another read of it sometime Smile

Just do whatever feels right to you - no one of your friends are gonna mistake that you are anti-gay, and no one else matters or gives a shit. Also, the well being of the church is not your concern - who cares if a bunch of people leave and everyone says "wow, the church is really anti-gay". If you're bothered about it you can say "well I just realised that they're kinda silly so that's why I left, so all the guys who think the church is anti-gay may be wrong, it's just maybe that this last issue was so silly that lots of people decided they didn't need the church any more".

On the other hand if you're happy to wait six months, do whatever feels best - there really is no real big deal Wink
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