Discerning the hand of a god
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24-05-2014, 09:24 AM
RE: Discerning the hand of a god
You would think that we wouldn't have to ponder such things. Seems that gawd should be able to just speak up and let us know what he wants. Instead we get riddles, contradictions, and fairy tales.

Mother Nature is much more direct than Father Gawd...when you get bitch-slapped by Mother Nature, you know it. None of this namby-pamby gawd twiddling behavior from her.
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24-05-2014, 11:37 AM
RE: Discerning the hand of a god
(23-05-2014 10:34 PM)Airportkid Wrote:  Deep within these threads a believer made a statement more or less as follows:

It's a reasonable surmise that God intervenes in the affairs of mankind.

Well, suppose a god DID reach out and twiddle our buttons.

How would we know?

How would we know that what just happened was a god twiddling?

How would we know what meaning (divine message) to take from it?

An awful lot of ^&%$ happens every minute on this planet; so does a lot that's marvelous and noble. Things happen in outer space so gargantuan they demolish galaxies.

What distinguishes the natural from the godly twiddling?

How would you know if it were idle twiddling, just mindlessly doodling while preoccupied stirring up a batch of chocolate chip globular clusters, or twiddling with intent to "teach us a lesson"?

Lots of questions raised by the statement above.

Any help from the bibles answering them?
How would we know? I think we just would know and we just would know the meaning too. If it was divine, we couldn't not know. Any God would make its interference crystal clear. And since we don't ever know that rules out the divine twiddling.

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