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Discussion about American documents.
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11-06-2012, 06:45 PM
RE: Discussion about American documents.
(11-06-2012 01:43 PM)Atothetheist Wrote:  I know that, but the opening statement he made worried me about his education. ( He is a history Major. )
Unfortunately there are those in fields of expertise that go back on true knowledge because they "believe."

History shows us the unwillingness of humanity to change. To let go of past and false ideas. From religious traditions, cultural practices, slavery, woman's rights, civil rights as a whole. There are scientists, specifically paleontologists, botonists, archaeologists, etc that still cling to old beliefs despite evidence they have seen themselves. Some might say these people are in denial, some say they know the truth but choose to enjoy their life with God's restrictions. This is their choice. I continue to find situations like these and I know you will continue to as well. This individual (H) seems to have his mind set and closed. Maybe one day when hey gets out of university, he will experience things that will coincidentally happen when his mind is open. The Bible itself talks about not "throwing your pearls before swine." To this type of person, keep your pearls in your pocket. And save them for someone who is willing to be wooed by the logic and reasoning that is beginning to take hold over many in the world for different and unique reasons. No disrespect to Yoda, but you tried and that is all you can do.
Good luck to you.

And yet another interesting topic I am not interested in.
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