Do I have a drug problem?
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09-04-2013, 04:43 AM
RE: Do I have a drug problem?
If you suffer from anxiety then stop smoking pot. The euphoric feeling will more than likely be from your prescribed drugs, I doubt it would be from caffeine if you drink it everyday as we build a tolerance to it.

If you feel the need for a cigarette then drink a small glass of water, the first few days are the toughest but if you keep yourself busy that will help.

Prescribed drugs are good for the short term, but like Chas said try therapy if it is available to you. Please check out this link and about halfway down the page are many informational resources to help you in many ways, all free.

Good luck.

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09-04-2013, 03:59 PM
RE: Do I have a drug problem?
Quote:Complete and absolute wrong thinking. More drugs = more dependencies on multiple drugs. It will not in any way lower anything.
Seems atleast a little logical to me. I'm not saying it lowers it, i'm stating that switching up between drugs atleast cuts down on a physical dependence on any single drug. If I do kratom once a week i will not develop a dependence on it. Now I do caffeine twice a week and I have only a slight dependence on it if any. Caffeine and kratom work on different receptors in the brain. I'm sure that If I only smoked cigs one day a week and smoked pot another day a week and damiana the next and so on, I wouldn't have the ridiculous nicotine level that my brain requires.

Quote:And wrong again. Symptoms of a schizo would be head-chaos primary. Social anxiety and laziness are normal for any everyday-pot-user. You said you do not use it every day, but I do and I have those symptoms. In my case, they are pot related. In your case they are probably drug related, since you take a bunch of different drugs, and you don't know who one interacts with another. Also, these "symptoms" are not something you should treat with medicine, but with yourself. Changing your behavior, maybe cutting down on all sorts of BS pills you are taking, maybe trying to talk to someone, rather than just swallow a handful of shit?
I absolutely do not have a marijuana problem and have been known to stop for months on end. Do you even know about kava kava root or kratom? The LD-50 is ridiculously high. I may take a number of drugs, But I atleast limit myself on them and make sure I do not use too consecutively. When I smoke pot its only 3 hits to where I'm barely buzzed, when I drink alcohol socially I limit myself to two drinks, I take about a third of the recommended dose of kava, and 50% of the time I do not even feel hardly any significant effects from the kratom. None of these drugs are ever mixed. Truthfully, the high dosage of zyprexa I'm by no means a normal individual, whether medicated or not, but atleast I have most of my shit together. I work and go to school full time, and I always take my prescribed medications, which are things almost every schizo struggles with. In my opinion, I deserve a little fun, And the methodology might be a little different from yours, maybe a little more dangerous, but you honestly shouldn't be an asshole about it. I stopped Everything except cigarettes since that comedown from caffeine on sat or sun or whenever and I'm completely okay... In a excellent mood even with no cravings. Coming down from caffeine just made me feel shitty and feel anxiety and worry over whether I am actually harming myself.
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09-04-2013, 06:43 PM
RE: Do I have a drug problem?
Mixing drugs is a serious deal, which can cause serious harm. Some may be just vitamins, and some for other reasons. But taking them together and mixing them could cause human reactions which can't be well. I don't know anyone on the forum that is a MD so just take our posts as just posts. I'd seriously contemplate going to talk to your doctor.

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10-04-2013, 12:49 PM
RE: Do I have a drug problem?
Looking at what you wrote, it all sounds much better than in the first posts. You seem to have it all under control, low doses of light herbal stuff, not bad. Although, pot is not recommended for your symptoms, if you smoke it just occasionally that should be fine. Smoking everyday would be contra-productive.

Sorry for being an asshole, but someone has to be, right?

Big Grin

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