Do you believe in Capital Punishment?
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28-03-2012, 01:02 PM
RE: Do you believe in Capital Punishment?
Personally, I believe in anything that reduces the surplus population in a humane manner. The death penalty does not really bother me, but I think it should be used only in cases that are way beyond a reasonable doubt. In these situations that person should be executed in a timely fashion as well.
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29-03-2012, 05:13 PM
RE: Do you believe in Capital Punishment?
I don't have such a thing as capital punishment in my country, but many people say it exists elsewhere so yes, I do believe in it Drinking Beverage

But seriously, it seems to me like a bad lesson. Punishment is only effective when it's fast, when there's minimum time between the crime and punishment. And death sentence takes time, we can't send people to death fast. Last time I heard it took years of prison for some guy in Texas.

Many people want evil guys dead out of passionate hate. Well, if they want to throw rotten tomatoes and eggs then let them, but where there's anything to punish, it's too late. We're too far down the wrong road, our society is set to produce crime and no amount of punishment will fix that. Ultimately all we need is to prevent the criminals from doing harm. If they get sentenced to lifetime of labor and survival without metal tools on some secluded and guarded Pacific island, that's fine by me. But keeping them locked in large groups within beton cubes with bars, that's just... unhygienic.

I'd prefer to keep them busy with swatting mosquitos, tearing off leeches from their feet, digging out grubs for dinner, flying away in hurricanes and other tropical kinds of entertainment.
The security could be achieved simply by picking an island without a fresh water source and water being controlled by armed force.

If you claim there are nuances to principles, there are no nuances to getting arrested or shot for disobeying the power.
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30-03-2012, 09:33 PM
RE: Do you believe in Capital Punishment?
I'm for it but in my perfect world people on the outside would not be condemned to death, save only for treason in a time of war. Violent criminals on the inside would be eligible for the death penalty if they commit capital offenses while incarcerated. Appellate processes would be slightly more streamlined than they currently are, resulting in an average stay on death row of ~2 years until they are executed. Firing squad would be the means of dispatching the offender into eternity.

As for deterrence, the answer is the DP does not deter crime, nor does any other punishment. I won't sit on the fence about this - I'm for it for retribution. One of the roles of the justice system is to be the ultimate ass kicker and death for convicted criminals who refuse to alter their ways in prison and continue to kill and rape ought to be put down hard. I have no pity or compassion for gangster and other predators.
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16-04-2012, 09:01 AM
RE: Do you believe in Capital Punishment?
(01-09-2011 01:10 PM)Zatamon Wrote:  This topic is closely tied to the concept of “Free Will” that we have just talked about.

Do christians believe in it?

If not, then we have something in common after all.

Alan Shore, the passionately irreverent lawyer in “Boston Legal” has a closing speech in one of the episodes on the subject. He differentiates “Capital Punishment” by the State from ‘Vengeance’ by the victim (or his family). The state-performed act he finds barbaric, cruel and disgusting killing in cold blood. The victim-performed vengeance he finds just and human.

In both cases the act ends a human life.

What is the purpose? Vengeance, deterrent? safety of society (from the condemned)?

Some would say all three. Some would argue that vengeance is beneath us, deterrent does not work and safety can be accomplished by less permanent means.

Above all that, there is the ever present danger of killing an innocent man – something we can never go back on.

And, above all else, is the question of free will. Suppose we were born with the exact same genetic inheritance, into the exact same social circles (family, race, neighborhood, poverty), are we sure we would have done better?

Do we look upon our criminals as evil to be stamped out, or victims to pity, even though we don’t have any choice but to protect ourselves from them.

I read it somewhere: “every society has the morality it can afford”

Are we sure we can’t afford more than state-performed, cold-blooded executions?
With all due respect, I believe that capital punishment is not a proper way to give justice because it may execute people who are really innocent. Let's go back to the judicial part; you can always see in courts that there's a message on the wall that says: "In God We Trust". Since I don't believe in God, I don't believe that the judicial system is perfect to weed out the guilty from the innocent. Rather than having the chance to execute criminals for national security with the probability of executing the innocent, life imprisonment is more proper.

A.L. Luna
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16-04-2012, 11:07 PM
RE: Do you believe in Capital Punishment?
Obviously most anyone guilty of a crime which has earned the death penalty is or was mentally and emotionally unstable, and unless they were clinically insane they were in fact capable of CHOOSING to act differently. However, each life extinguished by the state is more of a societal failure than a triumph of justice. I feel that these people could have been reached and treated on a psychological level, maybe before any serious crimes were committed. Unfortunately the will and resources necessary in providing that quality of personal care are not present in the US and many other countries. It's much easier to lock people up and throw away the key than treat their stunted psychological state or help them cope with societal pressures. Even with treatment, serious crimes merit formidable punishment. Life imprisonment fills that role and IMO is as severe as death.
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