Do you ever just get tired of debating the same person?
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07-10-2013, 02:48 PM
RE: Do you ever just get tired of debating the same person?
It depends on how it goes. I have some people who I've been able to have very open exchanges with. I've even changed a number of minds on a number of things.

But I think you're refuring more to those stubborn ones. If it's a conversation rather than an argument, or a debate in which there is at least a chance of reconsidering a possition on something, even if it's and extremely small detail, then you are actually engaged.

But there are too many that clearly don't even hear the worlds you say. The just look at you, not processing your words, waiting for your mouth to finish moving so that they can just say the next thing they have planed to say. At best they may catch a word or two, but only use those two worlds they keyed in on to say there next thought with the pretense that they are responding to what you had just said, but it's clear they didn't actually listen to what you said about those two words because there responces has zero connection to your initial point.

It's like arguing with CleverBot. Click on the link and try it. It's very acurately emulates what I'm describing. It picks up on some aspects of what you wright and responds in a way that almost seems like an actual responce, but you can tell it did not actually understand anything you actually said.

The most annoying one I have that I debate often is annoying for every reason one can think of. But one particular thing I'll mention is when I'm making my best points to which there is no possible way she could come up with a reasonable responce to. I'm on a roll and have pinned her using her own falaces and her own beleifs to expose them for what they are. Whenever this happens she just stops talking, stares at me, and her eyes glaze over. It's like her brain just shuts off in the middle of a conversation. It's a little frustrating because I cannot tell if she is "shutting off" because it's working and getting to a place which she can't force her mind to lie it's way out of and she actually has to confount the reality of the falseness of her life held beliefs, and in this momment real change is happening. I'm really reaching her and there is a chance I'm getting through.

Or did she's just stop listening...

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