Do you love bad movie schlock? Then I have the YouTube series for you!
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09-06-2014, 09:12 AM (This post was last modified: 09-06-2014 09:18 AM by EvolutionKills.)
Do you love bad movie schlock? Then I have the YouTube series for you!
Do you enjoy watching bad movies with friends, drinking beer and yelling questions at the screen when weird shit happens? So do the guy's at Red Letter Media. Who are they? Honestly I don't have a fucking clue, but they like watching bad movies too! not only that, but they will watch three of them, talk about them after the fact, and then decide amongst themselves which one is the Best of the Worst; and which of the three is worthy of destruction! No really, they destroy the offending VHS/DVD.

These guys have a channel on YouTube, where they are probably best known for Mr. Plinkett's hours long review/dissertation on the Star Wars prequel movies. I really like their stuff, especially their other movie review series called Half in the Bag. But here on their Best of the Worst they go through series of seemingly (and quite often) bad movies according to a theme like 'post apocalyptic', 'ninjas', 'superheroes', or 'direct-to-video horror'. In addition they have a recurring bit in the series were they have the Wheel of the Worst which is a roulette wheel of obnoxiously stupid videos to watch. The point isn't so much the movies as it is the fun commentary of the group, which varies and rotates around a core or regulars.

Do you know who Len Kabasinski is? Well, you will after watching this!

If you're bored and have some time to kill, or enjoy movie schlock and commentary, check it out!

But in case you missed it...

Red Letter Media's YouTube channel!

Playlist for Half in the Bag!

Playlist for Best of the Worst!

Personal favorite quote from this episode: "Supergirl does for feminism what Birth of a Nation did for equal rights."

[Image: E3WvRwZ.gif]
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