Doctors get sundays off.
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14-08-2011, 01:05 PM
Doctors get sundays off.
I'm grumpy because right now my right hand pinky finger is disgusting. It's massive, and sore, not sure why. It looks like it might have a bit of an infection, and I'd like to go see a regular doctor but alas they all have the day off.
My problem isn't serious just a painful pain in the ass, so I'd rather not clog up our small hospital and have to wait four or more hours just to see a doctor and have him prescribe me some ant inflammatory and maybe some painkillers.
As I've stated before live in a very Mennonite dominated area so there are few things open on sundays here, let alone doctors offices.
One of my biggest pet peeves has always been doctors and bankers hours. Why is it we must make things so hard on ourselves by allowing these essential services to operate with such useless hours? Can they not rotate shifts like everyone else in the world? I mean come on, I'm pretty sure it would help unclog our hospitals of the minor injuries allowing people with severe issues to get help faster. Not to mention helping the over worked er doctors more time to spend with serious patients.

Argh, I'm ranting and it's hard with my pinky out of commission.

Anyhow I wasn't asking for ideas or anything, unless you know how to get doctors to work weekends and go on vacation less? Or tell banks to be more available considering they make money because we put our money in them.

Never happen.

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14-08-2011, 03:33 PM
RE: Doctors get sundays off.
Well... since you live in a rural area, I guess it would be kind of different, but in most places they have an 'urgent care' clinic open 7 days a week.

I despise banker hours as they do not make any sense. If everyone works from 9-5 and that's the same time the bank is open, it's impossible to do your banking during the week, hence the big rush on Saturday, when it's only open 9-12... freaking ridiculous.

I think a lot of those types of places need to adopt a realistic schedule like this

6-9 AM closed 3-8PM Freaking covers everyone.

And yes, they should be open on the weekends

9-5 both days.

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15-08-2011, 07:44 PM
RE: Doctors get sundays off.
lucradis did you get your finger looked at? Because that doesnt sound like the sort of thing you want to leave unchecked.

The whole the world stops because its sunday thing is quite annoying, especially if your trying to get somewhere and you dont drive.

I don't drive so if i want to get anywhere i have 3 choices, walk which i enjoy doing but i often live quite far from where im meant to go, get a train which is fine during the week but there is no service near me on a sunday or get the bus which round here is bad during the week and on a sunday is even worse even if you do get one its often not a pleasent trip, if anyones been on one in this city they'll know what i mean.

Bankers hours are ridiculous how do they not know that they would do more business if they opened on weekends as thats when most of their customers have the time to go to a bank. Maybe i should become a banker have daft hours run the business into the ground and still walk away with several million in my pocket, im not very good at maths im already half way there Tongue

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17-08-2011, 03:52 AM
RE: Doctors get sundays off.
[ranting mode]


But what really pisses me off is that retired people do their shopping AFTER office hours and DURING the weekend. They have the entire week to do it, but noooooo, they do it when the entire working population needs groceries.

Car accidents during the weekend:

Public transport is also a bitch. I live in a small community, so when I want to go out, I have to go to a major city. Problem is: parking cars is a bitch (and expensive), and I like to get somewhat drunk from time to time. So I take the public transportation. Last bus/train/metro: oooh, about 11pm... Or I can party on till 5:30am the next day. You want to reduce accidents with (drunk) youngsters during weekend nights? Then provide sufficient public transportation during those hours.


I'm unlucky, my bank is closed during the weekend. Office hours from 0800-1600
And then they dare to send me letters that go along these lines: "To be able to serve you better in the future, the intrest rate on your savings accounts has been reduced from 2.50% to 2.25%. Thank you for trust."

[/ranting mode]

"Infinitus est numerus stultorum." (The number of fools is infinite)
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