Documentary: Ancient Aliens Debunked
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08-10-2012, 06:14 AM
RE: Documentary: Ancient Aliens Debunked
(08-10-2012 03:39 AM)bemore Wrote:  
(07-10-2012 08:38 PM)Bucky Ball Wrote:  If aliens came here, they would likely be machine based consciousness. Why build one thing, and nothing else. Why not build a cube ? Why build one Egyptian thing, and nothing advanced, which did not fit EXACTLY into the culture. Why does NOT ONE Egyptian stone carving or painting record that they suddenly saw an unexplained building, as they recorded, in multiple places most other important events ? Why would they build a structure which fit EXACTLY into the developmental progress scheme, (ie the next step) of the known Egyptian history of pyramid building, and not a structure which reverted back, or skipped a step, in the known process. The fact is it fits perfectly, into the EGYPTIAN history of pyramid building, AND perfectly into the known Egyptian cosmology, (the three pyramids reflect the 3 stars in "Orion's belt", and fit perfectly into the known Egyptian system of gods, and after death mythology). The "vent" of Khufu's pyramid would have at the time, allowed a spirit to go straight up to Orion. Either the "aliens" believed in, and knew all the details of Egyptian mythology, or they did one hell of a con job. The quarries are known, the un-hewn blocks are STILL in the quarries, partially cut out, and the city surrounding the pyramids, for the builders, have been excavated, and dated by archaeologists. It's simply preposterous that something other than Egyptian culture produced them. Why would no other culture not mention the sudden appearance of hitherto unknown fantastic buildings on Earth. There was trade, and commerce, and no other culture though they were "impossibly arranged", and they were talked about in other cultures. They also roughly correspond to other massive Ancient Near Eastern structures known as "ziggurats", (the Tower of Babel), with roughly the same shape.
And in fact the Egyptians, without any reference to "unnatural formations", discuss their restoration, and maintenance, in their carvings. No one says anything about them being of unnatural origins.

Bucky.... please watch the documentary I have provided. It is not some "woo" production, it features some of our most modern architects who have built some of our greatest and ingenious structures, It asks todays eqyptologists and it reviews all of the information in a non biased but questioning way.

The same building methods found in eqypt are also found in other places all over the world, ancient structures (as the documentary will compare).... which to me raises the question of how such methods were known in other parts of the world.

The eqyptologists themselves will say that they only have limited information when cross referenced with roman literature, for hundreds of years before that they know next to nothing.

It looks into the precision of how things were built, exploring the Cubit.... There is a statues face at luxor that is carved with perfect symmetry, so flawlessly perfect that only our modern technology can pick this up.... how they did this with just copper chisels is beyond me and raises valid questions on how it was done.

People like to feel secure with their answers.... it makes them comfortable to say that they know how things are built and how they operate..... I am just as comfortable with not knowing, as I believe that the documentary I have provided, plus a lot of other things I have looked into (which are basicly summarised in the documentary) HAVENT nailed, nor given a decent enough explanation to call it "truth"

So im more open minded to other possibilities, seeing as they cant date these building from anything other than organic material, im open to the possibility that these structures could possibly be wayyyyy older than we think, that maybe the eqyptians didnt build them, but discovered them and made them their own... who knows.

What I do know for certain is they dont know lol.

This is the argument from ignorance and the argument from personal incredulity.

I don't think Egyptologists have the requisite engineering knowledge to come up with very good hypotheses about building things. Let's put some engineers on that job.

Skepticism is not a position; it is an approach to claims.
Science is not a subject, but a method.
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