Does Absolute Truth exist or not?
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26-09-2013, 08:01 AM
RE: Does Absolute Truth exist or not?
(26-09-2013 05:45 AM)absols Wrote:  exactly, that insistence to mean absolute truth to believe it, which suggest believing itself present superiority always, is the assertion of being shit, and why there cant b anything

and why the most shit become god the mister faith living belief of his presence superiority, doing things almost as real from reversing reality, the copier talent so they say art is the base of will, just to not say he is copying cheaply while evilely since reversing true values realities that are present rights forcing it to suffocate

proving how there gonna b two separated life, truth is realities means, that is why we dont agree on any word

when clearly they can contradict infinite superiorty in facts of their presence and present constant reality, how could they be true too, without any sense of being same of themselves ways joining reality
i tell u how??? jesus christ the answer the key of life halleluia for every shit

he is gonna force himself in womb and with the power of all gods decision to make it for a time long, he is gonna give the answer to every shit so everyone how to play it in the womb for long time too , ripping poor women bodies but who cares god would create fake ones, as there is only one virgin actually to force playing the womb ripps

but actually, it is shown they dont mean that at all they cant they know it, so they invent there smthg for real enthousiastic drive they need

so what is invented, is jesus in space king of all kings super spider of his net base, wat cheap base for space invasions
but they are believing their stories that they already made all spaces life, while that shit is masturbating when two idiots discuss the science of bots advanced creations in the light of last experiments with the dna code of course, of course who need more then hollywood pictures when he is just one shit alone happy enthousiast

I just took a shit, was that jesus in my shit talking to me?

Drinking Beverage
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26-09-2013, 08:52 AM (This post was last modified: 26-09-2013 09:07 AM by absols.)
RE: Does Absolute Truth exist or not?
you are the shit, that kind of shit is the present shit reference, that the object shit embody in different forms but of course u cant recognize but the obvious form of shit, as all else are positive superior stuffs for u
and even the matter shit im sure u have some affection to

so if u want to mean jesus the shit too, u should point not smthg present, bc present is always u
but ur living sense of being superior one, there as u cant mean god superiority christians so i guess u would mean it jesus being reason of living means

rare are who like me can say it normally that god or any other powerful shit is shit and repeat it as serious or normal steady thing

satan is powerful too why jesus is better, or even a human insistent force, how more force is better
a force that can rape totally urself as what cant ever b even guessed or seen as a thing
u ur presence, invading it to steal ur presence for watever u say about anything to deform it and enjoy possessing it

it is very hard to explain, bc those gods are extremely pervert with truth reversing

how they focus on tiny things to possess totally so it would seem that they are doing it, and the poor thing completely enslaved from his need to escape, his look suggest that he owe them smthg

it is about taking advantage from what infinite is, so poor rights that belong to infinite existence rights, lose the credibility of being infinity when bastards seem free by enslaving them to mean eternity
the bastards take the credit of giving to infinite rights some living means, while it is the opposite they are killing and humiliating of slavery living rights

it is about taking advantage of infinite existence in forms of absolute freedom, which cheapest way is by possessing individuals rights, too easy while it works
those words dont do anything of course, im saying facts known while no reply while totally known

like it works, to throw all and even the concept of logics away, for just pleasures consciously willed, by jumpin on smallest that represent individuals rights of infinity and claim it is them and about it

they really are playing now that they mean what i say

while i have to keep proving the opposite for truth sake that wont do anything of course but it is my sake truth sake, the only way to b me not confused with anything, which is proving that a lot for sure are like me we are individuals infinite right existence
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26-09-2013, 09:20 AM
RE: Does Absolute Truth exist or not?
(26-09-2013 01:55 AM)I and I Wrote:  Does any human believe in absolute truth? NO

We all believe that slavery is wrong......EXCEPT when it comes to mining for materials in our computers circuit boards. We all believe killing is wrong....EXCEPT when killing was done to give us the lifestyle we enjoy in the west.

Saying that absolute truths exist and acting like they exist are two completely different things.

Absolute truths as in the findings of science are not absolute either, and no scientist would ever say such a thing either. All scientists know that our knowledge of things always changes as we progress as a species AND things change on the earth to species as well. So no, just because something was true 1000 years ago doesn't mean it's true today.

There is a difference though between absolute truth and absolute morality.
"slavery is wrong" is a value opinion that is not "true" or "false".

But I agree that there is neither absolute truth, nor absolute morality.
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26-09-2013, 10:03 AM (This post was last modified: 26-09-2013 10:13 AM by absols.)
RE: Does Absolute Truth exist or not?
what is this bullshit shut up u cant say that
who is leting u type this fuck u

slavery is evil, way over wrong, to force things is against reality before reality rights and truth infinite free value, while forcing living free beings so conscious rights out of everything, is way confirming the evil presence not the rights anymore while the most infinite thing, right, is the living abused

of course this is a logic u cant get, from what it is obvious how u belong to what throw logics rights for urself life pretenses of rights of any sense as the base of will

but even in all objective perspective, slavery is forcing a negative present through inferior present ways

which is inacceptable as impossible constant, while also obvious opposition to positive superiority known to b the only existence justification, refered to as being true justification of fact alone right to b, when it is positive superior present fact
so obvious opposition to truth by imposing its reverse as true

how is it possible to say that we can erase all whatever exist always and now for any other perspective and say that it can b true too

it is shit, while i had to prove how it is a lie and invention for shit will and by shit livings

but why should we prove that far, u should not b able to type that offense and insolence against obvious rights

it shows how some shit up must b arrested, u cant type this alone

u can live ur means as u want but as individual in shit reality, this is the point about splitting different worlds

then anyone wont take advantage of infinity to justify his way of being and would b forced to assume his individual life ways

noone should b allowed to talk about everything truth

that is why to me what i say is right bc i mean what u say wrong in positive way of inventing superior justifications, im not doing anything positive nor saying anything real
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26-09-2013, 11:43 AM
RE: Does Absolute Truth exist or not?
oh please, can somebody just ban absols? he'sjust spamming and derailing every thread he posts in Sad

[Image: sigvacachica.png]
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26-09-2013, 11:50 AM
RE: Does Absolute Truth exist or not?


[Image: a6505fe8.jpg]
I have a theory that the truth is never told during the nine-to-five hours.
-Hunter S. Thompson
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26-09-2013, 01:31 PM
RE: Does Absolute Truth exist or not?

I would say that absolute truth can't really exist because we can't sufficiently capture the fine grain details of the physical universe in words/media/simulation...A computer that could simulate the universe with total accuracy would have to be the size of the universe...

"This apple is red." Sounds like a true statement but in reality the apple is a great many shades of red and yellow and mottled with little dots, etc.

...and if I can't accurately describe a simple apple with total accuracy how can I describe much of anything...Even if I stored and atom by atom representation of an apple with total accuracy I have taken it out of context, the real apple has already begun to change the moment after I scan it.

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26-09-2013, 02:19 PM
RE: Does Absolute Truth exist or not?
yea but truth so the present is not the apple it is who means it

this is why even an apple would look too much complicated thing to say really

so u should give up and think thoughts not what u want to use for prentending thinking

by thinking thoughts u r free of ur thoughts and that is why u were meaning to think smthg

everyone sense is to b free this is the way of truth in each individual

the separation between facts and the present

so facts wont be locked with the present to keep their value as facts in truth, conceptually so would always b in positive ends real

while the present so each individual would b lighter to decide its moves efficiently right that would matter then
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28-09-2013, 04:49 AM
RE: Does Absolute Truth exist or not?
What do you think about this ? IMO it is a great blog to refute those "absolutists", "absolute truthies", theists and the like. Smile Btw the blog author is Fatfist, which is, IMO, seems like an Ignostic.
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28-09-2013, 11:34 AM
RE: Does Absolute Truth exist or not?
I'm not sure the question is meaningful

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