Does Anyone Here Believe In The NWO?
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05-03-2013, 09:48 PM
RE: Does Anyone Here Believe In The NWO?
(03-03-2013 08:18 PM)TheLastEnemy Wrote:  Me, I'm personally not sure if there is such a thing or not, on one hand, I could definitely see a group of wealthy/influential people seeking to implement a One World Government/Economy, on the other, it seems like such an order would be difficult to maintain, there would certainly be traitors and spies in their ranks. Anyway, I'm fairly certain there's more going on behind the scenes then we're led to believe, but I'm not certain there's a highly organized evil order orchestrating everything. I Hope no one thinks I'm gullible or stupid for not believing one way or the other. What do you guys think?
This may seem a bit impertinent, but yes, I do think it is ridiculous to believe more is going on vis-a-vis new word order bull-shiite without any evidence to support such a belief. You might as well consider the possibility of the invisible tea pot circling the earth.
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