Does "Tough Love" work on Creationists and other Theists?
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12-03-2014, 11:12 AM
RE: Does "Tough Love" work on Creationists and other Theists?
(10-03-2014 12:23 PM)rampant.a.i. Wrote:  Impulse brings up an interesting point about Taqillya Mockingbird's method.

Are Theists responsive to direct assaults on their ideas? Or does it simply add credence to delusions of persecution?

Obviously the type of Theists who would sign up for an Atheist forum are not your typical Christian. They seem to be mostly Fundimentalists and Evangelicals on a mission to "debunk Atheism" using strategies learned for evangelism:

From mild seeming questions without any real discussion on one end of the spectrum, to "Repent! And be shaved. . ." Bible-thumping on the other.

Does the way they're engaged matter?
I have three people on Ignore and TM's one of them. Take that however you like. It wasn't that TM is more directly assaulting than other people here, though, I just got tired of scrolling through so many stupid pictures.
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