Does anyone else find it hard not to be a Dick On FB?
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13-06-2013, 01:14 PM
RE: Does anyone else find it hard not to be a Dick On FB?
I cleared some of the ultra-religious off my friends list because I don't want to deal with the daily prayerful moments. However, I do still have a couple of ladies that are old enough to be my mother that are on the page. Though one tried pretty hard to re-convert me...she has known me most of my life and we have come to a place where we don't let religious differences be an issue.

Mostly Facebook is a place to see pictures of my grandkids, share funny pictures, and music and things and it's a great place to have some fun with my daughters. I will post something that is directly intended to answer back to something one or the other of my daughter's posted, they do the same back. Now and then my son and others get involved. It's probably confusing to those that don't see the whole thread of posts as happens if you aren't also a friend or are blocked.

I don't get into big philosophical debates on's much more about having fun with my kids and sharing pictures of kids and pets and places and funny stuff.

(05-06-2017 04:14 PM)Gawdzilla Wrote:  Are you as ugly as you post? ...
And you can come get my guns if you'd like to try. I'll take you to the range and give you three rounds headstart.
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