Does this make anyone else mad
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10-01-2014, 04:22 PM
RE: Does this make anyone else mad
(09-01-2014 10:35 AM)TheThirdEye Wrote:  The fact of knowing we will never know what exactly we live for at all. Just think about it, yes we are lucky to live this life and smile and laughs get to eat delicious food , have sex have kids etc..

But to think we will never find out how and where the universe started , why we started as a race nothing .. It's impossible to find out what the first thing to ever exist.

Cherish life every day , love life more then anything but then again it's all we know ... I always remember hearing people say the quote " no one said life was going to be easy " And that's true but I never remember agreeing to the terms of living ether .. I'm not a depressed person or angry at life. Just seems unfair that us atheist have to live wondering what we live for exactly.

Ok, although I considere you to be a waste of time I will give you an answere anyway.

This book:

[Image: JazumLeben.jpg]

Is read in each german highschool at a certain grade when philosophy and psychology becomes a subject. It is available in English under the title "Man`s search for a meaning".

The Author "Viktor Frankel" is a psychologist and survivor of the Auschwitz concentration camp.

In this book he recounts and explains why after going through such horrors he still wants to continue life.

His general thesis is:

"There is no overall meaning to life, the purpose of life is not to search for one unilateral meaning common for all humans, but for each human to give his or her life a meaning her or himself as an individual."

in my words at least.

[Image: RPYH95t.png]
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10-01-2014, 04:34 PM
RE: Does this make anyone else mad
(09-01-2014 02:57 PM)TheThirdEye Wrote:  What i meant to ask was, does any one else get mad or frustrated with the idea of us never knowing the true meaning of life.

The true meaning of life. Let's take that apart. "the". Why do you assume there's only one? "true meaning". Why do you assume that the meanings we have now are false? "meaning of life". What sort of answer would even fit? Even the religions fail here. God made us. Why? To worship him or to test us. Why? Ultimately it fails still. Meaning in that sense is subjective, like morality. You're asking for an absolute to a subjective question.

Does it bother you that we'll never know what true beauty is? Same sort of question, and equally a mind grinder that goes nowhere.

This isn't meant to be gloomy or mean, I mean it as 'the question is malformed and therefore has no answer'.
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11-01-2014, 02:51 PM
RE: Does this make anyone else mad
No it doesn't make me mad because I most certainly know what my purpose is and what my life means to me. It is the fact that people even ask this question that makes me hopping mad. I don't get mad at the people who ask it but at the intellectual leaders, the philosophers and religious leaders, who are the cause of that question being asked. From the time most of us are able to speak we are taught that the purpose of our lives is to live for others, either a god or the "people" or the "community" and that we must seek our purpose and meaning from outside ourselves and this goes against our very nature as Humans. Our reasoning minds tell us this is wrong but everyone is telling us the opposite is true and to act in our own interests is evil. This leads to confusion where there need be none. Your life belongs to you and no one else. Your purpose is your own happiness. It is every man or woman's responsibility to choose the best way to achieve it and to learn and practice the virtues needed to achieve it. You don't need a transcendent being or the others around you to give you a purpose. I think that to teach people that they have to live for others in order to be moral is unspeakably evil and no one has ever given a rational justification for it.

Do not lose your knowledge that man's proper estate is an upright posture, an intransigent mind and a step that travels unlimited roads. - Ayn Rand.

Don't sacrifice for me, live for yourself! - Me

The only alternative to Objectivism is some form of Subjectivism. - Dawson Bethrick
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