Does this prove Einstein was wrong?
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15-07-2013, 08:02 AM
RE: Does this prove Einstein was wrong?
Guy's a moron. A little knowledge is a dangerous thing...

Certain apparent 'paradoxes' introduced by special relativity are resolved by general relativity (you can't get relative motion without acceleration, the effects of which are only accounted for by general relativity). The gist of this is that we say that being in a gravity well affects perception of time; what is being in a gravity well, if not acceleration? And as mentioned there is the reference frame of the station to consider (which is the joint reference frame the ships begin and end in).

It really is a fundamental misunderstanding. It hinges on the claim that v1 = -v2 at all times - which is only true for observers on the station; this is not what either ship would observe!

The apparent "resolution" (that deserves about five more pairs of air quotes) is to say, er, rotation of electrons slows down therefore slowing perception of time. That's not a thing. It's garbage.

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